.Last week on Kaycee And The Forefront, I blogged about a now ex-friend who used manipulative tactics to dupe me into loaning her $821 in the span of a little over four months. And as much of a fucking scumbag as she was, she pales in comparison to another former friend of mine, the latter of whom I knew of since 1987, became best friends with in 1997 and ultimately kicked out of my life in 2013.

While I'm not going to rehash the entire history of how this once friendship started, I'm going to highlight the key points that accumulated over the latter half of that friendship, and led to the current and possibly permanent outcome.

Each key point is listed below:

  • She always looked down on someone who just wanted to date casually instead of settling for "the one" at such an early age
  • She became big-headed once she got a boyfriend, thus maximizing her condescension about other people and their personal lives
  • She made me shut off Cheech & Chong's Next Movie in favor of Mrs. Doubtfire. Myself and the rest of the houseguests were enjoying the former, and half of us didn't like that the movie had to be shut off. This would be the first time that I had wanted to end the friendship. And as to why I felt that way, well my social life wasn't over-reliant on just one person, along with the fact that point number two was starting to cause me and her to drift apart as friends anyways
  • Her making us leave a bowling alley when her boyfriend and myself were doing good in game, but she wasn't. This then led to her thinking that he was talking bad about her. He was not thrilled about leaving, but he wasn't talking bad her. And after she had thought that, she would have an outburst against him and that caused the rest of the night to be awkward
  • We were having fun at an arcade place 12 weeks after that bowling alley fiasco. But since she made a face that looked like she was about to cry, we had to leave
  • Her constantly getting pissy with me when I ran slightly late talking to her on the phone and/or not picking up the phone right away she called
  • Her spoiled tone of voice about not paying for her share of the food that we ordered
  • Her dictating my time about when to talk to her on the phone. This would cause me to drop everything that I was doing or was going to do on a particular day. And when that happened, the phone conversations would almost always exceed an hour. And if they didn't exceed an hour, then they would go on much longer than they should, with her telling me that her then-boyfriend got transferred to a facility much closer to home for his job. That simple sharing of news turned into a half hour phone conversation, and that fucked up my night of wanting to watch the 1994 version of "Street Fighter". Things such as wanting to watch Street Fighter got impacted by all those fucking unnecessary time-consuming phone conversations, along with my workout time, dinner time and shower time. My bed time was even impacted at times by all of this
  • The phone conversations with her socially hoarded me from expanding on my social circle for many years, along with completely distracting me from executing my plan to leave my day job much sooner
  • Her bitching to me about wanting to get married for six fucking months and turning into a bridezilla once she got engaged
  • Her not wanting to see someone do better than her, with an example being that my painted rocks were one of my tickets to a life that she always hoarded me from
  • Her expecting me to reply to her texts right away
  • Her doubting my ability to leave my day job for something better when I was actually doing all the necessary steps in attempting to achieve such a feat. I remained steadfast in my ability to do so and she kept doubting me instead of supporting me. The back-and-forth went on for three days and kept fatiguing me. I finally had enough and said in a text, "You know what, we're done"

At one time, I considered this person to my best friend. I was even foolish enough to think that me truly living my personal life however I wanted to was totally wrong, simply because I thought that her sentiments about other people and their personal lives was so profound. Turns out that I was wrong, because she's nothing but yet another con artist that lulls you into a false sense of security.

Luckily, I was able to free myself from this confining friendship to become honest with myself about what I want in my personal life, along with the fact that I now have time to do what I'm doing now and being able to build on it. Especially before it becomes too late.

I'm sure that I'm not the only one who has dealt with or is dealing with this type of "friend". And if you're someone in such a position, look at both sides before you make your ultimate decision. That's probably why it took me as long as it did to make my decision. And with that being said, there's a strong possibility that my decision is a permanent one because all this shit that I listed could start back up again if I ever did give this friendship another chance. I don't want to live through all that shit again, so call the possibility a certainty. My life is better for it and if any of you decide to make the same exact decision that I made, then your life will be better for it as well.


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